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Social Media To Help In Solving Gst Related Problems

Seismic changes are being done to boost the health of this nation. We have seen that greatest duty change is currently a reality. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has replaced the previous tax structure which was complex and the caused the confusion and corruption. The thought of GST was envisioned without precedent for 1999. On 8 August 2016, the Constitutional Amendment Bill for take-off of GST was passed by the Parliament.

The GST is divided into two parts. The first one is called with the State Goods and the second one is Services Tax (SGST) and Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST)

Both SGST and CGST are levied on the taxable value of a transaction. All goods and services can come under the GST and there is hardly anything which does not come under the GST. The Central excise duty, additional excise duty, services tax, State VAT entertainment tax are combined by the GST bill. GST is affecting all of us all. We can discuss the problem, short coming, solution related with the GST on the social media.

Social media sites have developed the habit of discussion and it is beneficial if we discuss about GST on social media-

The social media sites that a lot of people use these days are free and extremely popular. The large population of this country is young and techno savvy and want to be active on various social media sites. This enables the users to communicate with like-minded people. We cannot deny the fact that there are business and personal aspect to these social networking sites and that’s where the difference lies in utilizing it to the advantage of the individual user.

Social media sits are for fun. The business and policy making perspective and objectives at social media sites are to be low key. Enjoy the process of contacting people who are looking for some type of services is not something we do on the Facebook. But there is one thing for sure; social media sites have developed the habit of discussion and we can freely discus the pro and cons of GST.

Is this important if we talk about GST?-

The rise and use of social media sites become the part of life in the past few years. The reason behind this is that people understand the power of leverage within these social networks can be helpful for business and personal use. People understand that the power of social media far outweighs any traditional advertisements that businesses have to incur.GST is a titanic change in Indian economical structure and no matter, how well government implements this tax structure. There is possibility of reform. If people suffer from GST, they can freely talk about. There can always be possibility that GST may have some loophole. People can like this reform or they can dislike it and even suggest the reforms.

On social media there is facility of “likes” and “dislikes” and comments. So out on these networking sites, Indian can know what is going on through the experiences after the implementation of GST.

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