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GoGSTBill provides a seamless gateway to generate online e-way bills in a fraction of the time without you having to access the GST e-way bill portal. It also enables you to cancel the e-way bill with just a click of a button.

With GoGSTBill E-Way Bill Software, you can easily create GST e-way bills to simplify your business operations and ensure hassle-free transportation of goods throughout the country.

India’s Most Advanced, End-To-End, Automated E-Way Bill Solution

  • 1-Click E-Way bill creation for your shipments
  • Generate E-Way bills directly from Go GST Bill
  • 100% GST compliance of your E-Way bills
  • 10x faster with pre-filled E-Way bill data
  • 100% precision by eliminating manual entries
  • Smart in-built validations to rectify errors
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Automate Your E-Way Bill Compliance Journey Today!

We will generate e-way bill for you while you dispatch the goods.

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GoGSTBill is the most easy to use software when it comes to billing my clients. Everything is on screen, step by step. Good Work guys... You got one lifetime customer.

Pankaj Thakur

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it's a very easy to use and best free software available right now. I am using it since 6 months, it's awesome.

Arif Active Mirza

Agro Industries

Great Software, I just started in business, it got all one need in a billing software, now I can create invoices on the go.

Animesh Jain

Garments Shop

Frequently Asked

What is an E-Way bill?

An E-Way bill is a document required for inter-state and intra-state transportation of goods with a value exceeding Rs. 50,000. It includes details of the goods, the consignor, the transporter and the recipient.

Why do you need an E-Way bill?

E-Way bill is an electronic system developed to monitor the transport of goods and ensure compliance with the GST law, aimed at reducing tax evasion.

Who should generate E-Way bill and when?

  • Every GST registered person who is either a consignor, consignee, transporter or recipient can generate an E-Way bill if the value of goods is worth more than Rs. 50,000.
  • An unregistered person who is supplying to a registered recipient should also generate an E-Way bill. However, if the supplier is not registered, the recipient becomes compliant to follow the procedure.
  • The transporter must ensure that the supplier or receiver generates the E-Way bill. If not, then the transporter must generate the E-Way bill themselves.

What are the prerequisites for generating an E-Way bill?

The person generating an E-Way bill must be registered on both GST and E-Way bill portals.

How can I generate E-Way bill with Go GST Bill?

After creating invoice you will see a button to generate E-Way bill, Its very easy just click that button and you are done. it will generate your E-Way bill very quickly and automatically add E-Way bill no on your invoice. You can also download and print your E-Way bill from Go GST Bill.

What are the benefits of generating E-Way bills on Go GST Bill?

Go GST Bill E-Way bill software offers numerous advantages. It is easy-to-use cloud-based software that enables you to generate and print E-Way bills in just 1-click without going to the GST E-Way bill portal. It enables you to generate GST compliant E-Way bills in less than 10 seconds. It is a secure E-Way bill solution for all your E-Way bill compliances.

Can I edit E-Way bill after generation on Go GST Bill?

No, an E-Way bill cannot be edited after creation. Although you can update Part B. However, if an E-Way bill is generated with incorrect information, you can cancel it within 24 hours and generate it afresh.

Can I cancel an E-Way bill on Go GST Bill?

Yes, you can cancel the E-Way bill but only within 24 hours of creation. We make it easy for you to cancel an E-Way bill with just 1 click.

Do I have to go to GST E-Way bill portal every time I generate an E-Way bill?

No, once you are registered on the GST E-Way bill portal and link it with the Go GST Bill account, you don’t have to go to the E-Way bill portal every time you generate an E-Way bill. Our software will help you generate and print E-Way bills in just 1 click without going to the E-Way bill portal.

Can I share the E-Way bill with my customers?

Yes, you can share the E-Way bill with your customers on WhatsApp, by email or as an invoice link.

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