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GST Quotation Format In India

A GST quotation is a document that is issued by a seller to a buyer to offer goods and services at settled prices under prescribed conditions. Concisely, it is a document used to let a potential buyer know about the costing of goods and services they are going to purchase. It commits the seller about a specific price he has to pay once or before the delivery of products. GST quotation includes the costing where GST is levied, which means the buyer will get almost the final amount that needs to be paid for the supply of goods and services.

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GST Quotation Format

GST Quotation Format In India

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GST Quotation Template in Excel, PDF and Word

In a business, quotations are sent from the seller to the buyer. It is the first draft of your deal with your customer. If the quotation is agreeable to the buyer, the deal takes place. An attractive GST quotation format is required so that the buyer will abide by your terms and conditions and place an order. This makes a quotation template highly significant in today’s business. GoGSTBill provides you with an attractive quotation format in Excel, Word, and PDF. You can create a quotation in any of these formats.

Usually, a quotation template is chosen according to the nature of goods and services offered, size of business, terms and conditions of sales etc. We offer customised quotation templates that will win a huge number of business deals for you. We provide you with the best GST billing formats to create an unlimited number of bills for free.

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