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    How to share invoice on Whatsapp.


    Please follow the steps to share invoice on Whatsapp.

    Step 1 : Click on Sale Invoice menu.

    Step 2 : Premium users can see below the print button there is three buttons, Click on last arrow button & choose Share on Whatsapp.

    Step 3 : Skip this step if you are premium user.  Click on whatsapp button below the print button.

    Step 4 : Enter Phone number(1) & Click on “Share on WhatsApp” button given below.

    Step 5 : In the pop-up window click on send button.

    Send Button

    Step 6 : Choose “use whatsapp web” option.

    follow Whatsapp web link

    Step 7 : Follow the instructions on the screen & scan QR code.

    Whatsapp web log in

    Step 8 : Click on send button from the screen.

    Send Button

    Step 9 : Follow the link to see the invoice.

    Link for print preview

    Step 10 : Invoice is shared on Whatsapp.

    Print preview invoice


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