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    How to generate E-Invoice using JSON file (Free)

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    Step 1: After creating invoice go to invoice list page, then click on down arrow box and click on “Download E-Invoice JSON” or “Download E-Invoice JSON w/o EWB”

    Download E-Invoice JSON – It will download JSON file combining E-Invoice and E-Way bill data
    Download E-Invoice JSON w/o EWB – It will download JSON file only for E-Invoice without E-Way Bill data

    Step 2: Login to your E-Invoice account

    Step 3: Select “e-invoice” option from left menu, and click “Bulk Upload”

    Step 4: Click on “Browse” and select downloaded JSON file in step 1 then select on “Upload” button

    Step 5: Click on the “Confirm” button, If there are no errors in JSON file it will show IRN, Ack No and option to “Download Signed JSON” and “Download Excel”

    Step 6: To print E-Invoice detail on invoice Download Signed JSON file

    Come back to Go GST Bill and Edit that invoice, you will see option to upload E-Invoice Signed File

    Select downloaded Signed JSON File then Save & Print your invoice. Now you will see E-Invoice detail on invoice.

    – Invoice print with E-Invoice detail

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