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    How to edit product


    Step 1 : Go to Products list page and click on products

    Step 2 :Click on Edit Button for product you want to make changes

    Step 3 : Make changes on Product detail page

    1 – Enter Name of Product in Name Field
    2 – Enter Product note
    3 – Enter HSN/SAC Code for product
    4 – Select Unit Of Measurement for a product from the list, It will be displayed on the Print page
    5 – Enter Product Type
    6 – Enter CGST TAX % for product
    7 – Enter SGST TAX % for product
    8 -Enter IGST TAX % for product
    9 -Enter CESS TAX % for product
    10 -Enter CESS TAX Amount for product
    11 -Enter sales price excluding tax
    12 -Enter sales price inclusive tax
    13 -Enter purchase price excluding tax
    14-Enter purchase price inclusive tax
    15 -Click on Save Button once all details are Added.

    Step 4 : After Saving Product it will redirect you to Product List page


    1. hi,
      i have taken your premium services recently but their is one problem , while i am editing product its not showing available stock option, on the page.
      so i request you to please revert to my query asap.


      • Hello Sir, Thank you for using our software.
        To Edit Stock Go-To Products > Stock & then you will see a list of all your products & from that page you can manually edit stock. to add stock enter a positive value (5) or to deduct stock enter a negative value (-5).
        call our support team if you still need an assistant. Thank you


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