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    How to edit product


    Step 1 : Go to Products list page & Click on Edit Button for product you want to make changes

    Step 2 : Make changes on Product detail page

    1 – Enter Name of Product in Name Field
    2 – Enter Sell Price of product in Sell price Field, it will use when you create Sales Invoice, Quotation & Delivery Challan
    3 – Enter Purchase Price of product in Purchase price Field, it will use when you create Purchase Order & Purcahse Invoice
    4 – Enter HSN/SAC Code for product
    5 – Select Unit Of Measurement for product from list, It will be displayed on Print page
    6 – Enter Opening Stock for productif your Inventory Options is Active
    7 – Enter CGST TAX % for product
    8 – Enter SGST TAX % for product
    9 – Enter IGST TAX % for product
    10 – Enter CESS TAX % for product
    11 – Enter CESS TAX Ammount for product
    12 – Click on Save Button once all details are Added.

    Step 3 : After Saving Product it will redirect you to Product List page


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