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    How to create a purchase invoice


    Step 1 : Login to your account & click on Purchase Invoice Menu

    Step 2 : Click on “Add New” Button on Purchase Invoice page

    Step 3 : Fill the details on Sales invlice page as shown in image

    1 – Select Vendor from List OR Add new Vendor by Clicking on Add New Vendor Button
    2 – Enter Invoice Details Like Invoice No, Date, Challan No & Date
    3 – Enter Items to Invoice by typing directly in Fields OR Click on Add New Product to Add new Product, You can use “Add Transpost/Packaging changes” Button to add Itemns that you don’t want to count in Quantity.
    User “[+]” Button at row end to add Multiple Items in invoice.
    4 – Select Due date that you want to show on Invoice
    5 – Select Invoice Payment Type
    6 – Click on Save Button

    Step 4 : After Saving Invoice it will redirect you to Invoice List page & Show Success Message.


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