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    How to add outward payment

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    When you make payment to your vendor you have to make outward payment entry
    There are 2 ways to record outward payments.

    Method 1: From “Payment” menu

    Step 1 : Go to Payment Receipt Menu & select Outward Payment from Sub Menu.

    Step 2 : Click on “Add New” Button To add new Payment Receipt

    Step 3 : You will see a page to Add Payment Receipt

    – It will auto create Payment Receipt No (Last payment receipt no + 1)

    Step 3.1: Select a Vendor from the list (it will show the outstanding amount and detail of that vendor, it’s useful when you have multiple vendors with the same name)

    Step 3.2: Select Payment Date on which you have made payment (you can select past dates)

    Step 3.3: Enter Amount you have received, and it will auto adjust that amount with unpaid invoice or you can also select invoice and it will auto update Amount

    Step 3.4: It will auto select invoice from the list based on amount, you can also manually change it

    Step 3.5: Select Payment Type and Payment Note (payment note is optional and for internal use, not visible on print)

    Step 3.6: Click on Save button

    Method 2: From “Sale Invoice” or “Purchase Invoice” page

    Note: Using this method you can add payment to selected invoice only

    If you have unpaid invoice you will see red or orange color button under Payment Type column
    Red color means : Invoice is fully unpaid
    Orange color means: Invoice is partially paid
    Green color means: Invoice is fully paid

    Step 1: Find the unpaid invoice and click on red or orange button

    Step 2: You will see a page to Add Payment Receipt

    Payment Date will be today’s date but you can change it if needed.

    Step 2.1: Select Payment Type

    Step 2.2: Enter Amount that you have done payment for and enter Payment Note (payment note is optional and for internal use, not visible on print)

    Step 2.3: Click on Save button

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