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    How to Add Inward Payment


    To Change Payment Type / Record Payment for invoice you need to add Payment Reciept, Please Follow the steps below to create Payment Reciept :

    Step 1 : Go to Payment Reciept Menu & select Inward Payment from Sub Menu.

    Step 2 : Click on “Add New” To add new Payment Reciept

    Step 3 : On Add Payment Reciept page Fill the Details as show,

    1 – Select Customer for which you are Adding payment Reciept
    2 – Select Payment date from List
    3 – Select payment options
    On Account (Payment Will be added to Customers Account for all Unpaid invoices )
    On Invoice (You have to select unpaid invoices to add payment from the list of invoices )
    4 – If you Select On Invoice it will show a List of all Unpaid Invoices, You have to select Invoice From it to record payment
    from Current Transaction (Select Invoice will show in Green Part)
    5 – Select Payment type from List
    6 – Enter Amount for this payment Transaction
    7 – Enter Payment Note then Save ( Optional )


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