All notable changes of GoGSTBill will be documented on this page.

Version 8.5 - 14 Sep 2020


  • Option for Expense Title Suggetions.
  • Option in stock to search with custom range.
  • Option to Set GST Rate Value till 3 Decimal(i.e : 0.125).
  • Option in Translation for Lebels in all Documents.
  • Option for Adjust Advance payment.
  • Option to Convert Multi-currency Invoice to Delivery challan.
  • New A5 Tempalte for Invoice.


  • Purchase Invoice PDF Name with Date.
  • Show Against Invoice Numner on Credit/Debit List page.
  • Excel Export with Multiple Session.
  • Issue Fixed for Clsosing stock value in P&l Taking of current stock.
  • Against invoice number is optional for non-return Credit/Debit Note.
  • Fixed Issue with stock Export.
  • Fixed Issue with All Customers/Products in Report.
  • Fixed Auto logout on Invoice page.
  • Pincode with Alpha numeric value.
  • Show Vendor Contact & email in print header.
  • Update Stock on Cancel Invoice, Option to get Report for till now Product Items.

Version 8.4 - 27 May 2020


  • Search option with multiple selection in reports.
  • Export invoice same series option for invoice number.
  • Option to get Sale / Purchase report by HSN.
  • Inclusive tax price on stock export.
  • Other language support to save in document.
  • Email reminder for due payments.
  • Option to cancel the created invoice.


  • Vendor bank detail are now visible on purchase invoice print.
  • Documents sort issue when have same dates.
  • Show outstanding amount in payment receipt.
  • Document name format updated for email / PDF download.
  • Excel file exported are now compatible with all mobile/devices.

Version 8.3 - 28 April 2020


  • Search by product for other documents like sale & purchase.
  • Search option by type in customer.
  • Password update section for staff members.
  • Print template selection option for all Document type.
  • Quotation to Delivery challan convert option.
  • Added option to add text in document footer.
  • Import stock option using Excel.
  • Option to Change Challan number / date label.
  • Option to Change ewaybill label.
  • Option to Always show Shipping address.
  • Option to add extra details in customer.
  • Option to Set Due days option with customer.
  • Added multi print option for all documents.
  • Option added to add background image for invoices.
  • Add option to show Export shipping details for All invoice.
  • Option to generate Payment report by Payment type.
  • Option in Company leader to generate for Sale / Purchase wise for Customer-Vendor.


  • Negative stock value for service products.
  • Payment receipt number validation for large integer.
  • Option to add bank details while generating debit note.
  • New discount field in export data.
  • Issue with extra space in invoice Details.
  • Change Shipping address while edit document.
  • Stock Page show UOM on list page.
  • All amount will show Taxable total & GST amount.
  • Due date change issue after changing Bill date.
  • Print issue with reports in PDF for long column values.

Version 8.2 - 04 March 2020


  • Advance Search Option for All Documents.
  • Option to set Default invoice type.
  • Option to add Total discount/Other amount on grand total.
  • Drag & Drop sort option for Dashboard sections.
  • Purchase invoice to convert in quotation & sale invoice.
  • Country Field for Same Shipping address option.
  • Export invoice Extra fields for Transport & port Details.
  • Option to Set default customer for Documents.
  • Search Customer by Phone / address while creating invoice.
  • Include BCC and CC field while sending invoice and other documents directly from the software.
  • Options to set your email as BCC to get all email copy on your email.
  • Invoice template Added to resolve Column width issue while large totals for invoices.
  • Option added to filer expanse report by category.
  • Option added in report to search between Invoice No. Range.
  • Option added in report to generate PDF files.
  • Add option to not print Signature image in Email / PDF only.


  • Sales / Purchase Outstanding Report to Show Days duration.
  • Export invoice Extra fields display issue.
  • Issue in PDF file layout on second page.
  • Issue with product UOM break in two line.
  • Print Header on all pages option for multi page invoices.
  • Show Total Outstanding for credit & debit dashboard.
  • validate Customer State With GSTIN Code – to prevent state mismatch issue.

Version 8.1 - 04 October 2019


  • Option to add remarks for documents.
  • Download for custom design header image from design page.
  • Dashboard – Product and Customer count linked to their list page.
  • Show outstanding payment/balance while creating an invoice/payment receipt.
  • Option to select company on company outstanding report.
  • More header size option to set header size for custom header.
  • Default sort option for sale invoice page.
  • Option to set the product as a service.
  • Invoice / Document font size editor option to edit all section font & spacing.


  • Product search issue while having a single quote in search value.
  • Print header text width issue for long header title.
  • Purchase order UOM not displaying.
  • Rupee symbol visible now on invoice template 2.
  • Dashboard show remaining payment on due invoices.
  • No first customer/vendor selected while creating new document.
  • Currency formatting in Indian currency format.
  • Long terms & condition height issue on document print.
  • Long customer address height issue on document print.
  • CESS total is now added to document footer total calculation. (for template 1)

Version 8.0 - 30 July 2019


  • Extra field option for all document types.
  • Option to add LUT number for sez invoices.
  • Profile & loss report.
  • Display customer information on add payment page.
  • Enter vehicle number only for the document.
  • Option to hide sr. No. From print for transport charges.
  • TDS option in payment type for payment receipt
  • Record payment for an invoice from the list page.
  • Show received and outstanding payment on invoice print.
  • Option to add different prefix postfix for all documents.


  • Date Validation Issue for manually entered values.
  • Continue bill print option for all users.
  • The stock page show only active products.
  • Dashboard graph is enabled again.

*Started maintaining changelog from Version 8.0

Version 1.0 - 1 July 2017

  • Initial release
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